Hey Wiki! Sorry I haven't been around the wiki lately

The 3 people reading this blog: You haven't? Didn't notice...

Well then... >_> November has been a really busy month for me since I have so much work to do before the semester ends on December 4 for me. I've been struggling to get a lot of work done and since I can't trust myself to not procrastinate here on the wiki, I've been shutting myself away from my laptop and I've had to use my universities' computers to do the work since I don't procrastinate with them.

But anyway, that's not the point of this blog. On Friday, I went back home to visit my family's new house because we just recently moved. To my surprise however, they haven't installed Cable/Internet/Phone yet! So for the past 3 days I've been stuck at home with no internet. That means I couldn't do homework because all of it is in the internet, but I couldn't procrastinate either! So while in my computer, trying to see what I can do, I started deleting old files, deleting old programs and software I don't use anymore and then I saw it. My folder with 175 downloaded episodes, OVAs and the movie of Fairy Tail that take so much space (66 GB) in my laptop. I debated with myself whether to delete them or not, but then I remembered that I had 2 more days of no internet ahead of me. So instead, I started watching them. I watched the first episode, watched some of the second, continued onto the 3rd. And hour after hour I re-watched my favorite episodes, my favorite moments, my favorite fights. I watched the openings, the endings, the awesome soundtracks. I was hit with so much nostalgia and it really reminded me of why I love Fairy Tail so much. Really guys, you should go back and start re-watching your favorite Fairy Tail moments. It actually really made me want to come to the wiki and start editing here and there.

So, this is call for you guys to go back and watch your favorite moments of Fairy Tail again. It really hits you hard on the feels.

Anyway, since I still had some time left, I made these... uhmm... logos?... of the Nine Demon Gates with the resources I had at the moment. Tell me which one is your favorite and which one is your least favorite!

Nine Demon Gates Logos

Hope you liked them and tell me if I should do more and of who you'd like me to make. Also, sorry about my inactivity but on December I'm going to be free and I'm going to be editing 24/7!! (not literally)

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