OK, so this is my first fight prediction, which no one has done in a while, so don't expect it to be the best. Also, Lucy is my favorite female character, so the fight is most likely biased without me noticing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Lucy GMG Avatar Lucy Heartfilia
Yukino Aguria
Yukino GMG PP

Arcadios (Through Speaker): Welcome Celestial Spirit Mages! I know you are wondering why you two have been kidnapped and taken to this place. Well, you are underneath the Royal Castle, Mercurius and you've been brought here because we need your lives in order to complete our plans. We need to know which of you two is stronger as a Celestial Spirit Mage, so you two will fight each other. We will use force to kill everyone from the Guild of the loser.
Lucy: I don't believe you. Forget it!
Yukino: I wouldn't mind kicking the shit out of this whore...
Arcadios (Through Speaker): If you don't go through with this, we'll release Etherion on both of your guilds.
Lucy: Etherion? You are affiliated with the Magic Council?
Arcadios (Through Speaker): Yes and no. Technically, we are above the Magic Council; we command them to do whatever we want!
Yukino: Hmph. You think Sabertooth is scared of something as measly as Etherion? You can go right ahead.
Lucy: *Fairy Tail... no*
Arcadios (Through Speaker): Fight now before we kill your nakama. Please understand that this is all necessary in order to keep peace in Earth Land.
Lucy: What do you mean?
Arcadios (Through Speaker): Every 7 years, on July 7, today, a Celestial Spirit Mage must be sacrificed by emptying them of their Magical power in order to do the ritual of Eclipse. We failed to go through with the ritual 7 years ago. However, we were lucky that the Heartfilia woman from 14 years ago had such a vast Magical power that the Eclipse has been maintained closed for all these years.
Lucy (enraged): Heartfilia? What do you know about Heartfilia?! Tell me!!!
Arcadios (Through Speaker): Oh, interested are you? Well, if you manage to defeat the other Celestial Spirit Mage from Sabertooth I'll tell you everything you want to know.
Yukino: Hahaha! You think this fairy bitch can defeat me? She isn't ev...
Lucy: (*Heartfilia... sacrificed?*) I will defeat you. No matter what.
Yukino: Hmph. Open the Gate of the Heavenly Scales!
Lucy: Open the Gate of the Twins!
Gemini and Libra appear.
Yukino: Libra! Twist Gravity
Libra starts moving her arms to use her Gravity Change Magic.
Lucy: Gemini! Mimic the Mage!
Gemini transforms into Yukino.
Gemini (as Yukino): Libra, stop!
Libra (worried): Huh? Yukino?
Yukino: What?! Don't listen to that replica. Shit! Open the Gate of the Paired Fish! Pisces!
Pisces appears and rushes forward, attacking Libra and heading towards Lucy from both sides. Lucy takes out her Fleuve d'étoiles and aims it at the ground, quickly releasing it and using it to propel herself upwards as Pole vault.
Gemini (as Yukino): You would hurt your own spirit... (Gemini remembers when she found a Mage that truly loved Celestial Spirits)... I will show you guys what freedom is... just like I did with Lucy. Pisces!
Pisces, from behind Gemini (as Yukino), is commanded and charges straight at the real Yukino. Yukino puts her arm forward.
Yukino: Forced Gate Closure!
Pisces disappears and Fleuve d'étoiles, from a high place, grabs Yukino's wrist.
Lucy: Gemini!
Gemini (as Yukino): Right. Libra, increase Lucy's gravity!
Partly unwilling, Libra uses her Magic. With the huge amount of weight added unto Lucy, she rapidly retracts her whip without letting go of Yakuno and heads straight at her from high.
Lucy: Lucyyyyy Kiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!
Lucy sends Yukino flying like this through the air until she hits a wall.
Lucy (Exhausted): Had enough?
Yukino gets up.
Yukino: You bitch!!! I'll kill you!!! (*First I have to get rid of Gemini*)
Libra disappears back into the Celestial Spirit World and Yukino takes out a black key and points it at the ground.
Yukino: Open the Gate of the Snake Charmer! Ophiuchus!
From under Gemini (as Yukino), the enormous black mechanical snake appears and sends it flying upwards. turning them back into the Twins.
Lucy: Gemini! Double Mimic!
The Twins transform into two separate Ophiuchus and both wrap their snake body around the original Ophiuchus. Mini uses its tail to attack Ophiuchus's head and holds it down while Gemi bites off the original Ophiuchus's neck, sending it back into the Celestial Spirit World.
Yukino: Ophiuchus!
Lucy: Gemini, finish her off!
As Gemini charges towards Yukino, Yukino's lips shape into a grin.
Yukino: Hmph. Big mistake. Now I have two Ophiuchus! Ophiuchus! Attack the blondy!
Ophiuchus turns around and charges back at Lucy.
Lucy: Gemini. Forced Gate Closure!
Out of the smoke of Gemini's Gate being closed, Yukino jumps out and kicks Lucy sending her keys flying away.
Yukino: Now that you don't have any spirits to aid you, I'll finish you without any trouble.
Yukino swipes the Gate of the Heavenly Scales Key and the Gate of the Paired Fish Key summoning Pisces and Libra again.
Yukino: Libra, decrease Pisces gravity. Pisces, attack that girl!
Without any gravity affecting it, Pisces charges straight at Lucy really fast. As Pisces is about to strike Lucy, a hole appears under her, which she falls into. Someone quickly appears under "white" Pisces and kicks it upwards at full force until it reaches the ceiling and disappears. Pisces' attacker, Capricorn, quickly tries to kick "black" Pisces, however, it swiftly dodges with its gravity-less speed. From behind Yukino, Lucy comes out of a hole with Virgo.
Lucy: I don't need my keys. My spirits are always with me!
Virgo chains down "black" Pisces, immobilizing it while Capricorn sprints towards it.

Capricorn kicks Pisces quickly many times so that it looks as if it was on fire. Pisces disappears. Libra starts motioning her arms to use her Magic.
Virgo: Spica Hole!
A hole opens up under Libra in which she falls into.
Virgo: Spica Lock!
The hole in which Libra fell into, closes on her.
Lucy: All your spirits have been defeated. Accept defeat now.
Yukino: Ha! You think you've beaten me?! You think the Legendary 13th Zodiac Spirit would be that weak?! You don't know anything poor little girl. Ophiuchus is different than all other spirits. Ophiuchus "sheaths" a new skin every time he is defeated. Whenever he does this, he becomes stronger, faster, better in each and every way. And I can summon it as much as I want!
Lucy: (*How can that be...!*)
Yukino: Open the Gate of the Snake Charmer! Ophiuchus!
Ophiuchus appears underground and starts moving through the earth, breaking the ground above him. He then takes its head out and eats all of Lucy's keys that were on the ground.
Yukino: Hahaha! You really are hopeless now! Ophiuchus get rid of those two spirits.
Ophiuchus comes out from beneath, raises its head upwards and then, in a flash, brings its bite down on top of Capricorn and Virgo and sinks back into the ground.
Yukino: What are you going to do now Celestial Mage?
Ophiuchus starts destroying the walls and the entire Mercurius starts collapsing.
Yukino: Well, this was fun but it's time to end it all. And by "all", I mean your life.
Lucy falls on the floor and starts crying.
Arcadios (Through Speaker): Well, since it seems you are going to die, I guess I'll tell you now about what I know. Fourteen years ago, Layla Heartfilia was sacrificed in order to open the Gate of the Eclipse and seal it. She tried hard to resist us, but failed, and when we threatened to kill her family, she gave into it and agreed. I wasn't part of this plan at the time, so this is all I know.
Yukino: Blah, blah, blah. Who cares? I'll destroy this woman and then come after you guys.
Lucy: No!
Lucy gets up
Lucy: You killed my mother?!..... I will never forgive you!!! Fairy Tail will destroy everyone of you!!!
Yukino: What the fuck are you talking about? Anyway, Ophiuchus! Kill her!
Lucy's eyes turn black as she cries, sings while Mercurius collapses.

♪ The sun's radiance... ♪

♪ The moon's beauty... ♪

♪ None compare to the holder of the key. ♪

The sky becomes dark and celestial bodies start appearing all around Crocus. Ophiuchus comes out of the ground behind Yukino and charges towards Lucy. A hole opens up and Capricorn jumps out and punches Ophiuchus in the jaw several times. Virgo then appears and chains Ophiuchus mouth close.

♪ Helios and Apollo... ♪

♪ I am the midnight star... ♪
♪ The path of sorrow I will walk... ♪

♪ Release thy darkness. ♪

Yukino: But Ophichus defeated you both!
Capricorn: No. Virgo opened a hole underneath us where we hid until it was time to assist Lucy-sama.

♪ The black sky's gate... ♪
♪ Open! ♪

Ophiuchus destroys the chains with the mere strength of it's jaw and charges at Lucy again.

♪ Eclipse! ♪

As Ophiuchus is about to bite Lucy... it stops.
Yukino: What are you doing Ophiuchus?! You worthless snake!
Arcadios (Through Speaker): What?!
Suddenly, every Celestial Spirit of Lucy and Yukino starts appearing in the room.
Yukino: What the hell?!!!
Arcadios (Through Speaker): No way. That Celestial Spirit Mage used Eclipse by herself?
Yukino: What are you talking about?! What's Eclipse?!
Arcadios (Through Speaker): Eclipse is a super powerful spell which grants whoever casts it the ability to open any and all gates. In the moment of the spell, the caster has control over every door of all dimensions, all Celestial Spirits, even yours. It's a spell that can only be used by Celestial Spirit Mages whose Magic allows them to open Gates, but it's unbelievable that she was able to cast it without the need of us to transfer our Magical power to her. Besides? How did she know the spells incantation?!
Suddenly, beasts start descending from the sky. Many winged beasts appear as their roar thunders throughout the biggest city of Fiore.
Yukino: Dragons?!!!
Arcadios walks in.
Arcadios: Fourteen years ago, Layla Heartfilia gave her life away in order to seal these monsters away into another realm, but this girl has just opened the gate back open. Dragons have returned to Earth Land and their may not be anyone that can stop them.
Yukino: Then I'll just kill the b...
Aquarius hits Yukino in the back of her head with her urn, knocking her out and defeating her. :)

To Be Continued?

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