HELLO WIKI!! Yes, this week I asked Mega to let me do the abridged chapter.

Its not like anyone wanted to do it anyway.

I even begged some shitty people to take it and they didn't want to.

I'm busy you whores.
Logo Fairy Tail right

Suuuuuure you are...

Shut up and let me be assholes!! ಠ_ರೃ

So what do you have for us Reli?

Here, take the abridge. No take backs cuz I don't want it.

Oh, by the way, Wikia has made a sucky move and now the images cant be seen completely. Go to your preferences and change to monobook skin so you can see and enjoy the chapter better. :)


So yeah, the only reason I took the job was so I could make my attack Rai. I know it sucked :P But give applause to the abridgers every week because it takes forever to do them. its a pain to come up with good ideas for plot. and making it funny is like hell. in other words, making abridges suck.

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