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  • Relikz

    I just can't even...


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  • Relikz

    Episode 176 LEAKED!!!

    March 31, 2014 by Relikz


    Episode 176 The Dragon King got leaked! Check it out here!

    Remember that we cannot add spoilers until its released with English subs.

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  • Relikz

    Wendy vs. Ezel

    March 20, 2014 by Relikz

    Since who knows when someone will get around to make a review blog I'll just go ahead.

    First of all, nice cover. Anyway,the story completely shifted to center on Wendy and Ezel while there are still 4 other major fights going on right now... great >_>... (btw LOL @ Happy saying Wendy will be alright cuz Carla is with her.) well this chapter reminds me of Erza vs. Azuma taking priority over Bickslow + Freed vs. Rustyrose and Bluenote vs Gildarts because Azuma had also rendered them weak... kinda like what its about to happen with Face. Oh well. So in the cave there is good air, with low temperature and high humidity. How convenient for a SKY DS to find good air in a chapter named after a battle she is about to have... >_>. So Ezel is pissed …

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  • Relikz

    The Official Fairy Tail Wiki Magazine, February 2014

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  • Relikz

    The Official Fairy Tail Wiki Magazine, December 2013

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