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Natsu vs Lucy (sooner or later)

Hi guys the name is Peter. I have been a part of one piece wiki for a long time but i stopped and now would love to be a part of Fairy tail Wiki and exchange theories and ideas about this series. So i say hello to everyone.

No to the actual blog. So as you can see the title is Natsu vs Lucy and i think that this fight will happen. It actualy might happen at the end of the Tartaros ark ( by the way this is just a theory). Hiro Mashima has slowly been building up Lucy in a big way. If you think about it one might actualy say that she made the biggest progression out of all the characters since the begining of the series. I dont want to spoil anything for anyone who isnt up to date on the manga so lets just say that recently she got a BIG power - up (although i am not sure if she will be able to hold on to this power, we will have to see) .

( Minor spoiler here) Recently there have been theories that END is actualy an evil natsu dragneel. Lets for a second say that this may actualy be true. So who would be more perfect to stop Natsu than Lucy ? It doesnt matter if you are a Nalu or Nali fan but it is kind of obvious that Natsu and Lucy have feeling to a certain degree for each other so we could see a very brutal and sight figth . 

So do you guys think that a fight between Lucy and Natsu could happen and if so do you think that both of them will walk away alive ? I am curious to see you reactions .

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