Ok this is kind of a request for whoever reads this blog . I think that a lot of fans of whatever anime have had ideas and stories for a certain event or ark and i think that many bloggers here have actualy written certain small storeis regarding Fairy tail. So i have a request. If you have written something could you please drop me a link here to where i could read it ? It may sound as a strange request but in reality i am kind of in preparation to creating my own sort of manga (only problem is i cant draw so it will probably be just written as a story). It is not gonna be connected with Fairy tail. It will be an original story but i wat there to be magic in this world. I already have some ideas and characters and the overal plot figured out but i still am not content with it and my storie has many plot holes. So that is why i would love to read some of your Fairy tail fanfiction so i could get insipred by it. I thank anyone who participates in this in advance. Oh and i dont want to steal ideas its just other storeis may cause you to see certain events from a different angel. Thank you :)

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