Alright, thank you for taking the time to open this Blog, basically I am just going to tell you about a couple of Fairy Tail Role play Forums which I am part of.

The first one, which was my second Forum ever is Fairy Tail Forever or FTF for short it is a great site which is where I have made a lot of new friends and is a great place to role play with a new group of people. Unfortunately at the moment, things are being changed on there as the staff has just been changed, but it still a very good site and there are a lot of nice people. I have two accounts on the Forum, the first one is Reiki of Darkness, which is the account that I am a FTF moderator on and its also the one which I am on the most, then my second one is Elemental Lilly. If you ever pop in, just send me a pm saying that you found this site because of me, it would make me happy. ^.^ is the URL, please don't be a stranger! I will be happy to role play with anyone ^.^

The Second one is a little different, this one is called Fairy Tail Mages of Destiny, it is a site which is a work in progress and should be done soon if me and the team works together, we nickname this side as MoD. My account on this site is Moriko of Memories, I am a admin who will help out anyone. is the URL pop in and send me a pm, I will update once the site is completed.

I hope this helps you all to find the best roleplay forum for Fairy Tail

Good day to you all

Reiki of Darkness xxx

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