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As I am currently re-reading the latest FT chapters instead of doing my super important biology homework that is due tomorrow, I can't help but think of how impressive it was that a single member of the nine demon gates was able to invaded one of the highest forms of government on the continent and kill 9 incredibly important (in terms of bureaucracy) people, without so much of a single snag (im just talking about the massacre at era not their whole plan in general which has faced some problems mainly a pink haired kid that cant seem to lose a fight). Now much of their early success can probably be contributed to a few key factors:

1) planning - obviously tartorus didn't just decided one day to attack the magic council they probably thought about this for a while and made a plan.

2) skill - the members of tartorus have also most likely been training and developing their skills to prepare for this instead of just lying around on the couch, eating chips all day *stares at ichi ಠ_ಠ*


3) the element of surprise - sure there were hints, but i don't think anyone actually expected tartorus to attack the council and basically declare war on all of the legal guilds like that. I mean to be able to prepare for this they would have needed inside information, but since I doubt none of the demons would have betrayed tartorus to a bunch of humans I think the only way the council or ft could have received such information is if someone or someones from the future told them about it.

Now I realize that in both of F.Lucy's and F.Rogue's respective alternative futures their worlds were destroyed by an army of dragons right after the GMG, but shouldn't the dragons and demons have been allied? I mean both wanted the destruction of humanity because they viewed them as lesser beings, both seems to be allied with Zeref, Silver seems to think dragons are demons and I seriously doubt the two groups are unaware of each other and their intentions. So why weren't they mentioned? Were the demons acting in the shadows during the dragon's invasion in the original timeline, had Mashima not thought about them yet, is F.Rogue an even bigger moron than we give him credit for, or is my theory which I thought up while being sleep deprived and after suffering multiple blows to the head (man i love hockey) simply wrong?

side note

if in F.Rogue's alternate future the 10,000 dragons were from the present since there would have been no one to use dragon manipulation magic and command them to come through the gate and attack Crocus, why weren't there 10,000 dragons in this alternate reality or 9,993 other dragons that came to attack the GMG?


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