i dont know if someone has already made a blog like this (im too lazy to find out) but i just wanted to know if you were a mage in the fairy tail world and you were to create a guild what would it be like?

like what would you name it? what theme would it have? would you admit anyone into the guild or would you only admit a certain type of person (ex: an all female guild like mermaid heel, or an all "beautiful" guild like blue Pegasus)? what magic would YOU use? how many people who you want in your guild? what would the guild itself (the actual building) be like? what would your guild coloUrs be (thats right rai, colour is spelt with a U deal with it!)? etc

Example: for me i would name my guild "Phoenix Wing", its colours would be black and red, i would admit almost anyone but i would want to keep it kinda small (like between 20-200 people), aslo if i was a mage i would want to use darkness magic.

oh and cause im kinda done Toriko (just finished ch.232) and im wondering what manga series i should read next, so i made this poll:

"which series should i read next?"

The poll was created at 21:21 on July 28, 2013, and so far 37 people voted.

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