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    just a quick thought

    December 12, 2013 by Red Eyed Raven

    As I am currently re-reading the latest FT chapters instead of doing my super important biology homework that is due tomorrow, I can't help but think of how impressive it was that a single member of the nine demon gates was able to invaded one of the highest forms of government on the continent and kill 9 incredibly important (in terms of bureaucracy) people, without so much of a single snag (im just talking about the massacre at era not their whole plan in general which has faced some problems mainly a pink haired kid that cant seem to lose a fight). Now much of their early success can probably be contributed to a few key factors:

    1) planning - obviously tartorus didn't just decided one day to attack the magic council they probably thought …

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    October 15, 2013 by Red Eyed Raven

    Hey guys, i was just thinking about the fairy tail series and my favourites parts and stuff in it, so i was just wondering...

    1. What is your favourite quote, spoken in fairy tail?
    2. What is your favourite single moment (like a single frame in the manga, or couple of seconds in an anime episode) in fairy tail?
    3. What is your favourite character background or history?
    4. Who is your favourite protagonist?
    5. Who is your favourite antagonist?
    6. Who is your favourite minor character?
    7. Who is your least favourite character?
    8. What is your favourite location?
    9. Who is the hottest character in fairy tail?
    10. If you were a character in the fairy tail universe, what would your life goal be, would you want to be the strongest mage ever, would you want to be the richest, would you …
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    September 19, 2013 by Red Eyed Raven

    Raven: Hey guys i created this blog cause I wanted to know if mashima decided to create three spin-offs of fairy tail, a prequel, a midquel and a sequel what would you guys want them to focus on?

    Hungry: Wait didnt you already ask me, ultra and the whale this in one of your crappy podcast questions? get some original ideas you piece of shit, gawd!

    Raven: Fuck off, dick head!

    (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡(\ .o.)\

    Flispy: awww, is nucky mad?

    Raven: DIE!

    Anyway if there was going to be a prequel about Fairy Tail i would want it to be about Zeref and what happened 400 years ago, maybe even stuff about his relationship with Mavis and the founding of fairy tail.

    If there was going to be a sequel I would want it…

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  • Red Eyed Raven

    Hey guys, girls and chaos. after the mild success of my last blog, I have decided to create another one, this time the question I am posing to you is: Why do you love the Fairy Tail wiki? (obviously). I have put a poll under this so you can vote on what your favourite reason is, but I also would like you to explain as to why it is your favourite reason and I also have some questions I would like you to answer.



    1. what is your favourite article?

    2. who is your favourite user(other then yourself)?

    3. what is your favourite badge?

    4. what is your favourite blog?

    5. what is your favourite ongoing joke in this wiki?

    6. what is your favourite moment on chat?

    (feel free not to answer some of them if you don't want too.)

    Comments are we…

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  • Red Eyed Raven

    i dont know if someone has already made a blog like this (im too lazy to find out) but i just wanted to know if you were a mage in the fairy tail world and you were to create a guild what would it be like?

    like what would you name it? what theme would it have? would you admit anyone into the guild or would you only admit a certain type of person (ex: an all female guild like mermaid heel, or an all "beautiful" guild like blue Pegasus)? what magic would YOU use? how many people who you want in your guild? what would the guild itself (the actual building) be like? what would your guild coloUrs be (thats right rai, colour is spelt with a U deal with it!)? etc

    Example: for me i would name my guild "Phoenix Wing", its colours would be black and red…

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