So with the round of 8 over, we move the semifinals. Fan favorites Ultear and Meredy lost out to the main character syndrome vote of Lucy and Erza while Brandish lost out to Angel in a very narrow vote. The old blog was getting crowded so nice fresh blog for the last two rounds. WHO WILL BE BEST GIRL?

And the winner is...
Kagura stripped nude by Dimaria

Kagura Mikazuchi

Now eyes off her boys. She may be best girl but she is mine! You hear me! All mine.


1. Kagura

2. Erza

3. Lucy

4. Angel

5-8. Ultear, Meredy, Libra, Brandish

9-16. Aquarius, Anna, Sayla, Minerva, Eclair, Yukino, Mira, Kinana

17-32. Mary, Porlyusica, Virgo, Jenny, Cana, Juvia, Sherry, Milliana, Sherria, Imitatia, Carla, Hisui, Mavis, Dimaria, Lamy, Wendy

33-64. Chico, Landlady, bla bla bla Im too lazy to list the rest. But thank you all for participating.

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