Sup bitches. So no time for my every manga I read reviews but I figured I would do a short one on just FT since Jakuwhore is a lazy bastard and its Raven's birthday so I don't expect him to make one.


Natsu and Happy prepare to charge in but Lucy stops them, telling them they don't know what they are up against, so they should sneak in. Lucy summons Virgo and displays her Star Dress: Virgo form which I must say is pretty hot. Of course, Virgo tied herself up before being summoned since she wanted to be punished. Anyway, with Lucy and Virgo combining powers, they tunnel into Avatar's base. Happy looks up Lucy's skirt while they are at it to which Lucy seems to give zero fucks. Once inside, Natsu announces their presence by yelling out for Gray. This alerts all the members of Avatar to their location and Abel goes to deal with the intruders. Lucy sees Mr. Cursey and has bad flashbacks to when Kain Hikaru used it on her. Natsu is completely unfazed however and goes over and chops him on the head, one shotting him. Then Goumon enters and does some crap before imprisoning Natsu in an iron maiden. However, Natsu melts it and knocks Goumon out then D-6 comes in and gets one shotted as well. Gray enters the scene then calling them weak and says he will defeat Natsu as the two stare each other down.


Honestly this chapter was shit. I think Mashima gives about as many fucks about FT as Kubo does about Bleach, which is precisely zero. I get that Natsu is supposed to be strong now but he has now one shotted three villains who are supposed to be very strong. Next chapter Natsu will one shot Gray then he will walk up to Zeref, touch him and Zeref will die. It is beyond stupid that Natsu can one shot the members of Avatar when they are supposed to be so dangerous that the council was dispatched to deal with them. We get it Mashima, Natsu is strong now, but at least give us a fight. He one shotted Bluenote. I wasn't happy about that but okay, that showed us he is really strong, but now he just did the same to two more. We don't need any more examples of this.

Seeing Lucy having Star Dress is cool but Mashima still hasnt shown her fight. One Regulus Lucy Kick against a throw away monster is not fighting. Lucy got a power up after the timeskip so lets see it. I want to see Lucy in a serious battle where she goes all out. Show us what Star Dress is capable of. Let me say this, I don't like Lucy. I don't mind her, but she has always seemed like fodder to me to just be sex appeal and show how powerful the rest of FT is. She can never win a fight without nearly dying but in Tartarus arc, we finally almost got to see her be useful on her own. Now Mashima gives her a power up that could potentially make her quite a bit stronger but is not showing what she can do with it.

I'm just a little baffled that what seemed like a promising arc in the first few chapters has already turned in to a load of crap. I want good story, good fights and for characters to not be fodder, but that doesn't seem like it will be happening any time soon.

Anyway, I forgot the star template thing so I'll add that in the morning but I give the art a 10, the story a 3, the fight a 0 and overall a 3.

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