Hello and welcome to the third edition of the Fairy Tail Wiki Hunger Games. Now that the signup period is over, we have our districts and are ready to start murdering each other for my entertainment.


Did my best to give everyone districts they would like. This meant Brit got to be with Jade and Jade got to be with her bf. Derax and Dino with Nc, Wrath with Raven and Misk etc etc. Now, let the carnage begin!

The Bloodbath

And the games have begun! Fin must have been so jealous he couldn't be Brit's partner that he killed her instead. What a dick. Also, MDM's shitty aim has cost HT their life. How could you MDM? This is your third games! You should know how to aim by now! Also, Bleeds, Dino, when you rip a weapon out of someone's hands, just use it to kill them instead of running off. We want blood, not manners!

That is all for the bloodbath. Imma play a game for a bit then I'll add day 1.

Day 1

The Fallen


Kill Count

  • Fin - 1
  • MDM - 1

Now, lets have a talk about mercy people. I dont want no damn mercy in my games! If you have the chance to kill someone, you take it. What if that person comes back and stabs you in the back later? Kill them and kill them good. Also, Jakuwhore, wtf did you drug me with? I know you have wanted my body ever since you first saw what I looked like, but I am not Umnei or Reli.

That concludes today's events. When I get up in the morning, I will post the night's events.

Night 1

So let's see. First off, Poor Dino, ganged up on by everyone, but hey, your death just means I am one closer to beating you all. It was a necessary sacrifice. Lots of people sleeping around. Tristan and Sane snuggling, Bleeds and Dex holding hands and Milk and Nc snuggling it up. Get a room people. But nothing compares to the travesty of my own district mate sparing the life of Jakuwhore. Jessica! How dare you. You disappoint me u_u. Jakuwhore is the enemy! He needs to die and brutally so! KILL HIM.

Thats it for the first night. Stay tuned later for the second day, and let me tell you, its a fun day :)

Day 2

The Fallen


So HD falls the way of Dino and is brutally slain by a group. Ouch. But best of all, Jade, Bleeds and Fusion are brutally preyed upon by Umnei. Even though you three are all dead, you should still feel dirty and disgusting. Just...eww. I hope they have showers in the after life because you are going to need them.

Night 2

Another night, another death. Goodbye to shitty Jakuwhore as Reli has strangled him, probably for not sleeping with him. Also, Fin, wtf man, take a shower. You are stinking up the games. And good grief people, stop being so horny all the time. There is too much snuggling going on. Get back to killing, not loving.

Day 3

Fallen 3


Night 3

First off, Poor Sane. Works so hard for his beef and Raven just up and steals it. What a douche. Lumin nabs himself a kill by slicing off Goblin's head. I approve. We needed more violent deaths. Now, Dragon, you SPARED Tristan? There is no sparing people in the Hunger Games! You kill everyone, thats it. There is only one exception to this rule, which WU has broken. YOU DO NOT KILL FI! How dare you! Fi is the nicest person here! She wouldn't harm a fly and you up and stab her in the back? I am ashamed of you WU. But let us move on.

Day 4

So THATS why Nc was stalking Misk. Who would have thought. But now, you may be saying to yourself, "This seems like another boring day" WELL YOU WERE WRONG BITCHES.

Arena 1

Welcome to the arena, where all remaining tributes are forced together as a groundbreaking event has taken place in the arena. So what is the event this time? Chaos is tired of only ruling the wiki from the shadows and has decided to showcase its power by killing as many tributes as it can with its army of genderless super soldiers!

The Fallen


So that was fun :) Chaos has claimed a great number of lives this day. I am sure it is pleased with itself. To all that seized the opportunity to get aHAND in the games, I salute you. Your use of limbs as murder tools were inspiring. That is all for today folks. Stay tuned for tomorrow's updates.

A boring day of NO DEATHS. You people know what that means right? I do another round of days. As there are 16 days before the winner is reached and I want to keep this under a week, today we get our first double day. And boy, is this one a doozy.

Night 4

Goodbye to Milk. What a beautifully violent death. 10/10 would watch die again.

Day 5

The Fallen


HA. HA. Stupid Fin. Thinking he could be nice in the Hunger Games. You got what you deserved. Good job Derax.

Night 5

It seems Fin was pissed he died. So somehow Derax managed to get bitten by a corpse and thus did not properly dispose of said corpse, causing others to get sick. Wow Derax, always practice safe corpse disposal. You could have lived if you had.

Day 6

The Fallen


BOOOOOORING. Lets go again :)

Night 6

Poor Wrath (._. ) So much for his super district.

Day 7

You people just won't kill each other, will you? Well FINE. Let's force you to.

Arena 2

The Fallen


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. My district! WU, you bastard, you killed Katreena. I can live with that because she is bad, but AoD! How dare you kill Jess! I shall have your head!

Night 7

Fucking kill each other! Come on people.

The Feast

Welcome to the feast, where I restock the cornucopia out of the kindness of my own heart in an attempt to make you all kill each other

God fucking damnit people!. I give you fresh supplies so you can live to kill each other and you dont? Really? Fine, screw you too.

Day 8

So you aren't going to murder each other? Fine, back to the arena with you all!

Arena 3

The Fallen


....Well that was underwhelming. But, AoD is dead now so I am happy. Ha AoD, you are stoooopid. Thats what you get for murdering Jess e_e

Night 8

Poor MDM. But I'm sure he is glad to be dead at this point with everything he has done.

Day 9

The Fallen


Oh look. I "missed". I am so "sorry". I totally did not mean to hit Tristan at all.

Night 9

I plead temporary insanity! I was still hallucinating and thought Dragon was Jess, hence why I didn't kill her!

Day 10

The Fallen


Good job Grimalkin. Murder during attempted murder is always a positive. Gold star for you.

Night 10

Man Sane, just how many stashes of beef do you have? Anyway, BORING.

Day 11


Night 11

Nc meets the fate that Derax suffered in the first games. Poor Nc. You did your best, including fucking Misk.

Day 12

The Fallen


Dear lord so BORING

Night 12


Day 13

The Fallen


Fleet has ended the streak of non murder days. Good job. And now we are left with 4. PLACE YOUR BETS. Because this all ends tomorrow. WHO WILL WIN?

Day 16

So I am skipping all the boring days of people lounging around and not killing each other and getting right to it. The final day. The moment you have all been waiting for.

The Fallen

Winner <center>




And you thought there would be no tree deaths this game. I resent my placements though. I fell out of that tree and landed on Tamer, killing him before I died. I should be third place! And I should have 5 kills! Anyway, congrats to Dragon who ended the games by lovingly smashing Fleet's head to pieces. It was a fun ride this time around. I'll do another much much later in the year if there is interest.

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