Hello citizens of Fairy Tail wiki. I am here to bring you another fun blog. As an oldie of this wiki now, I remember a blog created by some mexican a few years back called census 2. It was a total rip off of User blog:B j/Fairy Tail Wiki Census so it is now time to rip Mega off \(^_^)/

Originally, Jakuwhore was supposed to make this like I suggested to him months ago, but Jakuwhore being Jakuwhore completely forgot about it.

So for those who have never seen this, Fairy Tail wiki is a large community but many of us barely know each other. Here you will answer some questions to let everyone know more about yourself.

All you need to do is copy the following template and then fill it in and then we will mock you for how strange you are o_O.

{{Census 3
|What is your name?= 
|What is your gender?= 
|How old are you?= 
|What country are you from?= 
|How long have you been using Wikia?= 
|Do you have any siblings?= 
|What is your favorite movie?= 
|What is your favorite TV show?= 
|What is your height?= 
|How long have you been a fan of Fairy Tail?= 
|Are you a shipper? If so, who do you ship?= 
|Who is your favorite character in any series?= 
|Which admin is the laziest?=
|Which councilor would you plot to take over the world with?= 
|If you were throwing a party, which five members of the wiki would you invite?= 
|Do you have any pets?= 
|What is your favorite anime/manga?= 
|Who is your favorite user on the wiki (all those who don't say God will be chat banned)?= 
|Why aren't you using chat e_e?= 

Have fun peoples! Lets get to know one another

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