Remember a few months ago when I made that awesome Fairy Tail Wiki Hunger Games? Remember how fun it was? Yeah, well guess what? ITS BACK. Welcome to the summer Hunger Games where up to 48 members of the wikis finest whores members can battle it out for survival and claim the throne of being the most ruthless and unforgiving member of this wiki. Did I just say 48? You bet your ass I did. While in the actual hunger games they had only 24 participants, I now have the ability to make not only teams of 2 but also of 3 and 4. Last time, that bitch Raven won, making me unable to call him weak and take Minerva off him, so here is hoping to change that! Another new feature that has been added is the ability for me to create my own scenarios. They can be death scenarios, they can be just living scenarios whatever. If you have any ideas, leave it in the comments!. We had some confusion last time as to how partners worked. The partner section of the signup is not for you to list who you want to be paired with. It is to tell me who you have already made arrangements with to be in a group. If you want to be in a group with people, talk to them beforehand and once you all agree, THEN sign up and put it here.

Name:(your wiki username)
Nickname: (a nickname if your prefer to use that such as Wrath022 becomes Wrath)
Avatar:(a direct link to your avatar)
Partners:(If you wish to be in the same district as someone put them here. Everyone in a group must have each other listed as partner to be grouped up. Partners are optional)

Signups will last until either 48 people have signed up or until I decide to close it. So without further ado, let the games begin!

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