Welcome all to the Fairy Tail Wiki Hunger Games II. The sign ups are over and the event now begins. For those of you who weren't with us the last time, here is how it works. Every day, I post what happened in the previous evening. Then later at night, I post the day's happenings. Every day will include a death recap so we can see who died as well as a listing of who is still alive and their kill count. One note, I added a bunch of scenarios you guys thought of, the old ones are still in there though so if your event doesn't come up, its not because I didnt add it, its because the game chose other ones. Also, I added a few hard coded ones with specific people. There is a chance that the hard coded people may be dead by the time their event is played, if this happens, laugh, enjoy it, don't yell at me for making a mistake, I can't control it. So without further ado, we begin.

Here are the final districts.

I hope you all like your teammates. Now lets go.

The Bloodbath

Goodbye to Anima, Jade and Bleeds. You did your best....well, not really. You sucked it up pretty hard. I mean, Anima, its a 3 way fight? You couldn't manage to escape in the confusion? Jade, come on, what is Brit supposed to do without you? How could you let MDM do that to you? Bleeds....I have no words. You jumped into a frozen lake and what did you expect? For shame.

Thats it for the bloodbath. Day 1 will be up in a few hours. Hope you guys enjoy. Oh and for a side note, the game is set to medium amount of deaths. I tried high death rate but 8 tributes immediately formed a pact and killed themselves. I figured no one would want that so I changed it.

Day 1

Alright, first day. Lets find out what happens

What the hell people?! I throw you all on an island and give you deadly weapons and you don't kill each other? Really? I am disappointed. You all have failed me.

The Fallen


So that is all the updates for today. You bitches better start murdering each other tomorrow or I may just take you all off this deadly island e_e

Night 1

K bitches, time to find out what you all did overnight.

YAY! Death. Good job Ultra. Though Jess is going to have my head for her early exit, IT WILL BE WORTH IT. But please, Fin, go bathe, its really disgusting. It seems Reli is cheating on Jakuwhore with Raven though. The rest of you, you are all boring.

Day 2

Day 2 time. Who will live, who will die? Who will do something stupid and get themselves killed? I DONT KNOW. Lets find out :)

The Fallen


Good job Misk, you are a good murderer. Shin and Sada sneaking off for a little something something eh? KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES GUYS. Also, HOLY SHIT THE CARNAGE. Rifat, Raven and Tristan goddamn. Poor people, never stood a chance against those cold blooded murderers. Everyone who died to them I suggest you leave a very angry comment on their talk pages explaining how you are not happy to be dead. Fi, stop sleeping so much and do something! Didn't you do this last time too? Also, poor Breaker. That is just about the worst thing you could ever see. I sincerely apologize.

Night 2

Are you ready for carnage? I SAID are you ready for carnage? Lets go!

Holy mother of death! We certainly started this night with a bang. Congrats to HT on the triple kill. Goodbye to 0FT, Umnei and Misk, your deaths made everyone laugh. And then a big congrats to Derax! Derax successfully murdered the winner of the last games while also killing Lumin at the same time. You have come a long way since your death to dysentery last time. Fin, PLEASE. PLEASE BATHE. Its not hard. Also, Brit, big mistake letting Ultra into your shelter, he is a known murderer. Thats all for this update. Day 3 in a few hours.

Day 3

The Fallen


Al I have to say is MEHHHHHH

Night 3

Wow. So Fin cant start a fire, but Brit, his district mate can and SHE DOESNT SHARE? Really? So mean, Brit. Then we have Reli, moving on so quick after his boyfriend's death and hooking up with Rifat. Reli sure didn't take much time to move on there. But a satisfying end to the night as MDM murders Jakuwhore in cold blood. MDM is pretty ruthless. Good job MDM.

Day 4

The Fallen


Wow. The brutality. So Wrath is killed by giant bees. You can thank Jess for that one as she said "There is nothing scarier than a group of giant bees" and said I should add it. Then Fi, welcome to the murderers club :) Too bad you got that event rather than DMs. Also, someone must have taken Jakuwhore's clothes after he died. Everyone keeps finding his body and puking.

Night 4

Wow. Reli and Sada sure do get around. Maybe whoring around is the key to victory? Who knows.

Day 5

The Fallen


Well that was....explosive. Where the hell are you people getting these land mines? And are you really so inept that you cant arm them correctly? Good lord.

Night 5

Wow I guess Fi wasnt happy with Sada running off to Dino. This is Fi's second kill, putting her in second for top murderer. Who knows what she will do next.

Day 6

The Fallen


So much love today. Sane is going to cry that Chaos hooked up with someone not MDM. Then Dino and Fin. Lets be real here. We all saw it coming. But its too bad for Derax, who did not learn from Brit or MDM to leave the landmines alone. Come now people, this is 3 deaths by arming land mines, don't arm anymore pls.

Night 6

What a boring night. So much screaming and crying. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. Hopefully today is better

Day 7

Arena Event

Welcome to the arena, where I force all the remaining tributes into a random event that weeds out the weak! Enjoy

The Fallen


And just like that most of the remaining tributes are wiped out. THE CARNAGE. Notice the statuses now. Not a single district remains untouched and several districts have been entirely wiped out.

Night 7

Goodbye to District 4 as DM has slain the last of their members. Good job DM. Also, FI PUT THAT EXPLOSIVE AWAY. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO ARM EXPLOSIVES HERE. JUST PUT IT DOWN.

The Feast

Day 8

The Fallen


Wow Tristan, wimping out and taking the easy way out. Not cool man, not cool. But look at Reli, murdering his ex lover. Thats just cruel Reli.

Night 8

Boring night. Too bad for DM though who goes out in the most boring death so far. Stay tuned for Day 9 later.

Day 9

The Fallen


Not much going on this time. Tomorrow we will have several days as we fastforward to Day 11 which is the next time a tribute is killed. Look forward to that.

Night 9

Sheesh you people get a lot of weapons from unknown sponsors. Just who is sending all this stuff?

Day 10

You people are way too merciful for my liking e_e

Night 10

VGL, WHERE ARE YOU GETTING ALL THESE WEAPONS? Also, what are you doing with all of them o_O

Day 11

The Fallen


Poor Fi. You lasted so long but winter has come. At least you weren't made into a white walker. So 3 remain. THIS ENDS TONIGHT. Pick your winner now. Will it be VGL who has flown under the radar these games? Milk, who just wants to die? Or Reli who has whored his way to this point? Make your predictions now.

Night 11





Congratulations to Reli, who whored his way to victory, sleeping with and killing anyone in his way. VGL wasnt able to utilize all those weapons she had been stockpiling before Reli speared her and Milk, so tired of being alive, tried to escape to her death. Thats it for this time folks. I'll run another one in a couple of months so stay tuned for that.

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