So here I am again with a little time before work and I see Jakuwhore is a lazy shit like always and hasn't made a blog so here you go.

I actually really liked this chapter up until the entire town was affected by Neinhart. Having Erza have to face off against the greatest foes she has ever faced reminds me of the days when FT was good. Ikaruga and Azuma were the first opponents Erza ever used flame pants against but back then, the flame pants made sense. The fact that Neinhart can even some demons is interesting since he said his illusions can use magic but curses are a whole diferent thing. That said though, I found it kind of dumb that everyone now has to face off against a dead person. Half of them don't even make sense. Lyon and Gray fighting Ur? But why, Ur isnt an enemy. Meredy fighting Zancrow? I feel like Zancrow was picked just because he is dead and was a member of Grimoire Heart, not because of any kind of special relationship with Meredy. Then Wendy has to fight Ezel? Again, why? Is it just because he is the only opponent she has ever killed? I can understand Laxus and Hades and Juvia and Keyes, but the rest seem forced. I also get the feeling that Neinhart is going down in one hit once everyone beats their "demons".

Also, how mad are the Jerza fans at the end? :D

Until the next time Jakuwhore is a lazy shit, thats all for this time, Comments are always welcome so comment away.

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