This won't be long as the chapter doesn't deserve it.

This chapter had promise. Lucy was quite clever in making Jacob release Marin so she could use Gemini to cancel his magic. I applaud Lucy for finally being useful for once. However, thats when the chapter just went to shit. First we have Makarov beating on Jacob like he is no one. I can live with that because it looked like Jacob was just caught off guard and would recover and fight back. But then you have Natsu using Fire Dragon King mode. You know, the power up he said would be lost forever once he used it on Zeref. So Natsu can now use Igneel's power whenever he wants to ohko anyone. He just needs to go finish off the remaining spriggans and then go kill Zeref because hax. The spriggan 12 are the most overrated enemies we have had in FT. I'd say each member of the 9DG was stronger than any spriggan.

Terrible chapter.

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