Okay, gotta make this quick cause Im at work but since there was no other blog, I figured i would make one.

So fortunately, Sherria is the only one who used third origin. This is what I hoped but I had a feeling the two of them would do it and then use nakama power to get over the side effects. But fortunately it wasn't the case. I like that it was Sherria who made the sacrifice as it means she won't overcome the side effects and will lose her powers. If it was Wendy she would keep her magic and it would be stupid.

However, what I really don't like about this chapter is the fight. It lasted all of two seconds. Sherria is fighting a god. I don't care if she is a god slayer, the battle should at least be hard. Instead we get three moves thrown at Dimaria and she is defeated. This just further proves how disappointing this arc is. We have had one good fight and it was against Ajeel. I want more. I want a fight that actually tests both opponents, would it really be too hard to make a fight that lasts multiple chapters? I feel like Mashima has just gotten lazy. I don't know.

Thats all for this time. As always, comments are always welcome so comment away.

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