So the chapter is out early and Jakuwhore is likely off being a lazy hoe and Raven is probably all busy doing doctor stuff so I figured I would make a review blog for this chapter.


First off, the cover was really cool, seeing Layla and her apprentices with her three spirits. Nice little touch from Mashima there. So Aquarius returns and Lucy bursts into tears because she is so happy to see her. We learn that her key has apparently regenerated somewhere on the planet due to a year passing and the King has opened the gate for her. So celestial spirit keys are dragon balls, good to know. Anyway, Aquarius looks to Brandish and after Brandish stares her down, Aquarius yells at her and Brandish calls her master, leading to Aquarius ordering her around making her do embarrassing acts before telling her that she now serves Lucy. Brandish however says she cannot forgive Layla for killing her mother. Aquarius tells her thats not true and then takes them to Star Memory, a collection of memories collected by the celestial spirits. So they learn that Anna is Anna Heartfilia, possibly the greatest celestial spirit wizard of all time before we learn again that Anna sent people through the eclipse gate and Layla opened it 400 years later. The problem was that she didn't have Aquarius' key to open it cause Grammi was conveniently out of town. Isn't that a meme or something? So Layla used her own life force to make up for it and this leads to her eventual death. Feeling sorry, Grammi gives back Aquarius so Lucy will have her and on her way back home, Zoldeo stabs a bitch for killing Layla. Brandish cries and Lucy says they should be friends but suddenly Happy busts in in tears with Natsu who has passed out.


Ok, this chapter was fucking hilarious. I don't care if people say the scene between Aquarius and Brandish was too much, I couldn't stop laughing. This is why I love Brandish. She is just amazing. Also for anyone that doesn't know, this chapter was a huge nod to Rave. Star Memory was a major plot point of Rave and was pretty much the same but instead of the memories of spirits, it was the memories of the world.

I don't like the point of keys regenerating. I feel it really takes away from the sacrifice Lucy had to make in the Tartaros arc. If she can just keep sacrificing keys and get them back in a year, there is no meaning to it. The impact of that decision is far lessened

One thing that is weird to me is that Anna is a Heartfilia. If she is Layla's ancestor, shouldn't she have a different last name, since Jude was the Heartfilia? Unless Jude took her last name in which case, weird.

Overall I don't have too much to say about this chapter, it went pretty much as expected. A lot of people guessed Zoldeo would be behind things and so that wasn't all too shocking. The Lucy wanting to be friends thing was also super expected. Did anyone think anything else would happen?

The one thing is what did Aquarius want to say? My guess is she was going to tell Lucy that its the dragon slayers that went through the gate that her mom opened. I want to hear what everyone else thinks though.

With Natsu, Im hoping its not that he is just passed out from losing all the power igneel gave him. Perhaps Zeref burning a bit of his book had some serious repercussions.

Anyway, thats it for me. Please give me lots of comments so Jakuwhore knows his blog is bad. Please and thank you :)

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