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    Chapter 481

    April 11, 2016 by Real Godisme

    So here I am again with a little time before work and I see Jakuwhore is a lazy shit like always and hasn't made a blog so here you go.

    I actually really liked this chapter up until the entire town was affected by Neinhart. Having Erza have to face off against the greatest foes she has ever faced reminds me of the days when FT was good. Ikaruga and Azuma were the first opponents Erza ever used flame pants against but back then, the flame pants made sense. The fact that Neinhart can even some demons is interesting since he said his illusions can use magic but curses are a whole diferent thing. That said though, I found it kind of dumb that everyone now has to face off against a dead person. Half of them don't even make sense. Lyon and Gray …

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  • Real Godisme

    Chapter 479

    March 28, 2016 by Real Godisme

    This won't be long as the chapter doesn't deserve it.

    This chapter had promise. Lucy was quite clever in making Jacob release Marin so she could use Gemini to cancel his magic. I applaud Lucy for finally being useful for once. However, thats when the chapter just went to shit. First we have Makarov beating on Jacob like he is no one. I can live with that because it looked like Jacob was just caught off guard and would recover and fight back. But then you have Natsu using Fire Dragon King mode. You know, the power up he said would be lost forever once he used it on Zeref. So Natsu can now use Igneel's power whenever he wants to ohko anyone. He just needs to go finish off the remaining spriggans and then go kill Zeref because hax. The sprigga…

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  • Real Godisme

    So with the round of 8 over, we move the semifinals. Fan favorites Ultear and Meredy lost out to the main character syndrome vote of Lucy and Erza while Brandish lost out to Angel in a very narrow vote. The old blog was getting crowded so nice fresh blog for the last two rounds. WHO WILL BE BEST GIRL?

    {{Hidden|Semi Finals |


    Leave your vote in the comments


    Now eyes off her boys. She may be best girl but she is mine! You hear me! All mine.

    1. Kagura

    2. Erza

    3. Lucy

    4. Angel

    5-8. Ultear, Meredy, Libra, Brandish

    9-16. Aquarius, Anna, Sayla, Minerva, Eclair, Yukino, Mira, Kinana

    17-32. Mary, Porlyusica, Virgo, Jenny, Cana, Juvia, Sherry, Milliana, Sherria, Imitatia, Carla, Hisui, Mavis, Dimaria, Lamy, Wendy

    33-64. Chico, Landlady, bla bla bla Im too l…

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  • Real Godisme

    Denizens of the FT Wiki, it is March and that means there must be a competition in bracket form for everything. So I was thinking, what kind of competition can we hold on this wiki. Then it came to me. There comes a time in everyone's life when they must answer the ultimate question: WHO.IS.BEST.GIRL. With that in mind I have selected 64 lovely participants from FT's many women and will be pitting them against each other in 6 rounds of competition to determine who is FT's best girl. I threw everyone into a bracket maker and then hit shuffle a few times. So lets begin.

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  • Real Godisme

    Chapter 476 Review

    March 7, 2016 by Real Godisme

    Okay, gotta make this quick cause Im at work but since there was no other blog, I figured i would make one.

    So fortunately, Sherria is the only one who used third origin. This is what I hoped but I had a feeling the two of them would do it and then use nakama power to get over the side effects. But fortunately it wasn't the case. I like that it was Sherria who made the sacrifice as it means she won't overcome the side effects and will lose her powers. If it was Wendy she would keep her magic and it would be stupid.

    However, what I really don't like about this chapter is the fight. It lasted all of two seconds. Sherria is fighting a god. I don't care if she is a god slayer, the battle should at least be hard. Instead we get three moves thrown…

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