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  • I live in a house :)
  • I was born on September 3
  • My occupation is Anything I want to do
  • I am a person who wants a cookie!
  • Razhel

    Ok my favorite besides FT is Lamia Scale Bcause they are just awesome and have some cool characters.


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  • Razhel

    Okay so you read the title of this blog so who is your favorite Fairy Tail guild master? Mavis,Puregehito,or Makarov. (I know Macao was a guild master for 7 years but in this he does not count)

    My Favorite is Mavis and its because well she came up with Fairy Tail! And also Comment.'

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  • Razhel

    Hey guys I'm back on FT wiki I was really busy also I will be making my usual polls. Anyway I bet no be noticed or cared that I was gone ;(. So yeah...

    No one cares....But I'm back! Comment if you have to say something anyway see you guys! Read more >
  • Razhel

    Whos YOUR Favorite

    December 16, 2012 by Razhel

    Ok...What is your favorite Fairy Tail Character and why?

    Basically The whole guild because the are funny,and sometimes stupid. You have a answer ? Comment.

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  • Razhel

    December 2012 ? Of the Month

    December 8, 2012 by Razhel

    If you were a Fairy Tail guild member and your had a lost magic what would it be?

    I would choose Air Dragon Slayer magic OR Time Arc(I don't remember the real name) COMMENT

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