Okay!!! If you have watched the new episode then this is the place to be...I wanna know about your reactions, thoughts and opinions about the new episode....feel free to write something..


The episode was okay I think...We now know about more of Zentopia, their missions, visions and stuff as well as some secrets and that Kanaloa(the octopus) shrinks when he gets all smashed up..weird...

The girl from the book who is hella creepy appears to Lucy in a vision. Byro is strong and a pain in the ass...I really give my respect when Happy debated with Byro, turns out cats can be more promising than humans...and I found the Dan losing his head thing was kinda funny. The Infinity Clock is built and is one annoying alarm clock...and I also thought Coco was wanna die, the divine arrow thing was pretty cool...

Edit: And I forgot OS is BACK!!! with the slot pink bear....I think they'll be really involve in this arc...I'm waiting to see if they've gotten stronger in the past years...


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