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December 21, 2012
  • R. Lawton

    This is specifically speaking about GMG characters like Yukino, Wendy, Orga, Rufus, Minerva(possible also Kagura) Sting, Rogue. When you look at their ages in correspondence to characters like Lucy, Laxus, Gray, Erza, Natsu, they are all roughly the same age. Now here is the catch, Team Fairy Tail needed second origin to match up with these guys because of the 7 year time skip, but logically they wouldn't need it since the characters above are the same age as them after the Time-skip Point example:

    Yukino is currently 18 years old, she and Lucy are more or less on par BUT Lucy is 18 and needed SO to be close to Yukino's strength. Reason being before the 7 year time-skip, Yukino was only 11 years old, and comparing her Celestial Magic to Luc…

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  • R. Lawton

    Can someone explain to me why we have seperate pages for Future Lucy, Future Rogue and Spirit Zirconis? I know it must be an organization issue and it might be easier to have separate pages, but wouldn't it make sense to have those characters above in their already-present character pages?

    Future Rogue/Lucy and Spirit Zirconis having their own pages is like saying Pre-Timeskip Romeo and Post-Timeskip Romeo should have their own pages since they are completely different. I wasn't here if there was a voting period when people chose whether or not Future or Past characters should have their own pages.

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