Before we get to th real deal. i want to make a little announcement. In the Few weeks i had, i read all the blogs i could find. and i realized it's useless being nice. I AM THROUGH BEING POLITE. that's all.

Here we go, i belive the grand magic games will not end. It will be inturrupted just like the S-class promotion exams. By what u ask...........

By this zeref's big plan thing. Somehow that "plan" will interupt the games. Lucy will probobley be kidnapped. Ft in panic. Where is she? Some how they will figure out whats going on. A Big fight will start to rescue Lucy. i guess Ft will gt somr help from other guilds. Crime sorciere, Blue pegasus and Lamia scale will surely hepl Meanwhile Archoados will force lucy to do some thing. causing her to go to some hypnotic trance. Carla's premonition comes true. Lucy starts singing and manages to desroy that...u know what i mean. when she earns about her Nakama trying to save her. breaks free from that trance thing. She gives some nakama crap to some one. who evers with her at that moment. In the end Natsu saves the day.

Okay, thats what i think will happen. Let me know what u think. And if yu dont like it say it but Be nice (or try). 'Kay ?

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