Gold Creation Magic

I transform my magical power into different kinds of gold and different shapes. My speciality are animate objects, but I can still create shields and different inanimate things like a gold armor (which however takes much magical power to be made strong). My creations are made with one hand and thus out of balance.

Buff Magic

There are two branches of this magic.

Magical Power Buff Magic

In this branch, I transform my own magical power to increase the power of my creations and/or myself. I can give them more strenght, make them speedy, more defensive... Depending on the power of my buff, the ammount of used magical power varies.

Take and Give Buff Magic

In this branch, I take away power from one attribute to increase power of another. So, I can make something very, very strong for the price of the thing's speed or defense or anything else. This branch very little of my magical power, but as you readed, it has a different kind of a price.

Other Magic?

I sometimes decide to change my magic type, but it takes very much time, so I do this very rarely. I'm also very weak during the process, so it's ultra easy to kill me.

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