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February 15, 2013
  • My occupation is a Wikia Editor
  • PinoyPride53

    Hey there. This is my first time to post a blog. So, I hope that you'll like it. :D Btw, I'm PinoyPride53, I'm an editor at certain wikis. Don't need to name them.. :// But, I also love Fairy Tail! So, I decided to edit here.. :DD I hope we could be friends!

    • Oh, poor Blue Pegasus and Quattro Puppy… oh wait, I don’t care for QP. Poor, poor BP.
    • Go Milliana!
    • Enough with the Wild Four catchphrase!
    • Does this guy have no other attacks besides spinning?
    • Nicely done girl!
    • Woot, go Eve!
    • No, it’s a trap Eve; don’t fall for it!
    • Wow, I never knew that he used to be Rune Knight; I wonder why he left and joined BP.
    • Nice reference there Makarov; see, I’m not the only one who makes Transformers references. ;)
    • Nooo, Eve! D:
    • Although Rufus greatly annoys me, I admit t…
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