I recently did a research paper comparing the Holocaust in Germany to the Rwandan Genocide. The following is a slightly edited version of an excerpt from my assignment.

Mavis Vermilion, a character created by artist and writer Hiro Mashima is a founder and the first guild master of Fairy Tail. Nicknamed, "Fairy Tactician", she has shown incredibly strategical prowess. In addition, her kindness and loyalty toward her friends seems to be unmatched. These qualities allow her to become a powerful mage in the fictional universe created by Hiro Mashima, especially since magic is born out of emotion and love.

In the real world, magic ability does not truly exist. However, emotions such as love are a part of this reality. In fact, despite the efforts of many extremist factions throughout history, these emotions can and do exist between even the most incompatible seeming individuals. This has many times been seen as the case, yet too often it has been shown to be not true. The first six stages of genocide, most notably Dehumanization, rely on the destruction of this. The steps toward Genocide all share a common thread. It is fabric that makes up a large portion of our interactions, especially those that are personal. The commonality is in the metaphorical tapestry of emotions we feel toward each other. By causing these to fade, humans become complacent and even proactive in the systematic killing of others.

This simple truth was written through the voice of Mavis Vermilion: “There's a wall that can't be destroyed with just power. However, there is a type of power that can destroy that wall. The Power of Feelings.” I know the destructive power of genocide shares in this thread, but I also believe the thread contains the power to overcome the hatred bred in a genocide. By removing the feeling of separation and differences and replacing it with feelings of unity and sameness, we can finally break down the walls that allow genocide to occur. And perhaps it is not until we, as the entirety of the human race, can do this, that the walls separating us and allow for genocide to occur will finally come crashing down.

The actions we today call “genocide” were so terrible as to be unnamed until the last hundred years. However, the countermeasure can also be summarized in a single word, a word that has existed since the time of Ancient Greece, “pathos”, or as we say today: empathy. And perhaps it is with this quality that we can learn the true magic of our own land. Empathy, love, and all those things that make up the true spirit of both Mavis Vermilion and of humanity as a whole.

Authors Note: Please tell me what you think. Do you agree? Was I clear with my points? Am I an idiot for thinking "x"? Give me all the feedback.

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