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Bye! (Real)

Hi everyone! I'm Paraphineas or Para for short. You see I'm leaving. Seriously. I will surely miss you all guys! The days I have been talking to you. Thanks for everything. The support, love, all of them thank you SO MUCH! I really joined the wiki to find happiness. To find myself. Since that I have found it, I am leaving. I am leaving because I realized that I don't have to find a website to your happiness it's in yourself (NOW DON'T CALL ME AN 'EMO' AFTER THIS!!!). And remember, in my life, you are all important. Yeah, all of you. Even if I don't know you you're all important in my life. You guys are my inspiration. When I press that LOGOUT button on my wiki account, I will remember all of you. I will remember the days that are my first time in here, second, and so on... I will truly miss you and I love y'all. Bye!

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