For this list, i will count Celestial Spirit King and Ikusatsunagi as seperate characters. Meaning that Lucy won't be ranked with the power that summoning Celestial Spirit King grants her and this will be the case with Arlock. Edolas characters won't be listed. The GoI 2-4 will not be on the list, but GS's feat of stomping them is considered for the list. Now, Mavis, the Dragons beside Igneel and Acnologia, the S12 that have yet to fight and Jose will also be excluded. It goes without saying that Ankhseram won't be listed. Natsu will be listed with his Blaze Dragon King Mode. Most recent shownig for every character.

Now the list: 1) Acnologia 2) Igneel 3) Natsu Dragneel 4) Zeref Dragneel 5) Celestial Spirit King 6) God Serena 7) Gildarts Clive 8) Laxus Dreyar 9) Ajeel Ramal 10) Mard Geer 11) Precht Gaebolg 12) Future Rogue 13) Jellal Fernandez/Jura Neekis 14) Erza Scarlet 15) Makarov Dreyar 16) Gajeel Redfox 17) Gray Fullbuster 18) Jiemma Orland 19) Silver Fullbuster 20) Bluenote Stinger 21) Kyoka 22) Sting/Rogue 23) Torafuzar/Tempester 24) Ikusatsunagi 25) Zero 26) Seilah 27) Mirajane Strauss 29) Kagura Mikazuchi 30) Minerva Orland 31) Franmalth (no Hades soul) 32) Lucy Heartfilia 33) Wendy Marvel 34) Jackal 35) Olga Nanagear 36) Ultear Milcovich 37) Zancrow 38) Azuma 39) Midnight 40) Cobra 41) Lyon Vastia 42) Juvia Lockser 43) Rufus Lohr 44) Rustyrose 45) Ezel 46) Keyes 47) Freed Justine 48) Kain Hikaru 49) Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki 50) Elfman Strauss

What do you think of the list? Is it good? Any advise will be welcomed.

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