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November 26, 2015
  • Panemorfos

    Fairy Tail vs RAVE

    April 11, 2016 by Panemorfos


    Now, for those who have read both this isn't a fight (i might do one some other time). This is about which one you prefer. The comparison will only be between the manga versions. I know that a full opinion can't be formed as of yet, since FT is still going on, but i think we are deep into the story of FT, to be able to make a comparison.

    SO: FT chars vs Rave chars

    FT plot vs RAVE plot FT art vs RAVE art FT world vs RAVE world Jellal vs Sieg Hart Mashima vs Mashima

    Which one do you think is Mashima's best work

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  • Panemorfos

    For this list, i will count Celestial Spirit King and Ikusatsunagi as seperate characters. Meaning that Lucy won't be ranked with the power that summoning Celestial Spirit King grants her and this will be the case with Arlock. Edolas characters won't be listed. The GoI 2-4 will not be on the list, but GS's feat of stomping them is considered for the list. Now, Mavis, the Dragons beside Igneel and Acnologia, the S12 that have yet to fight and Jose will also be excluded. It goes without saying that Ankhseram won't be listed. Natsu will be listed with his Blaze Dragon King Mode. Most recent shownig for every character.

    Now the list: 1) Acnologia 2) Igneel 3) Natsu Dragneel 4) Zeref Dragneel 5) Celestial Spirit King 6) God Serena 7) Gildarts Cl…

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  • Panemorfos

    Which 1 of the 2 defeated Spriggan impressed you more, based on their magic skills? Which one lived up to the hype of the Spriggan 12? Which 1 would win in an all out battle between the 2? Finally, do you think they are down for the count completely?

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