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Episode 119: Realm of the Abyss

Three letters; O.M.G!!! XD I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! ~ahem~...I mean, it was okay I suppose...

I had my doubts about its awesomeness when it first started; because the Hades fight was a bit anticlimactic at the beginning and kept getting interrupted by pointless filler (which should've been resolved quicker, afterall, it's Freed Bickslow; they should've kicked ass easily)
But then the aweomeness spiked and I was happy again! X3 Speaking of Happy; he made me laugh aloud! X,D Carla got butt bumped; lol

It was a VERY good episode for NaLu shippers!! (Namely me of course) Squee! XP And I don't care what people say, I love the Nakama speeches! But I have a bias opinion on that ;P
And why won't Hades just die already? That is one tough cookie XD

Overall: 9/10

I'm feeling very generous this week ^_^ But it genuinely was awesome at the end. It was animated very well and they used the music epicly, also by not using it all in some parts. The Natsu/Gildarts voice-over was a good idea and Team Natsu's charge at the end was splendid! (Damn. insert fancy smiley face here) A great ep for Natsu fangirls!! X3

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