I know I keep apologising for this being late all the time or me not being very active...Gomen ='( But I've actually been given homework. HOMEWORK! In SUMMER! DX And I may have procrastinated on it completely on it (I'm a month behind O_o) So that's what keeps eating up my time =/...Gomen again =(

Episode 142: The Dissonance of Battle

Hmmm...I'm not too sure about this episode :/ It didn't 'dazzle' me to be honest...But! Love or not, it needs to be reviewed. So we'll start off with Doranbolt's-- *Doranbolt slaps across head* Ow >.< I-I mean Mest's new look (he's touchy about that name)...He looks aweeeeesome =D Less creepy, more lone wolfy =P It's a thing.

The battles were boring =/ And I use the term 'battles' loosely...Bickslow was defeated by a pile of cows. Even saying it sounds weird O_o I bet a fanboy was pleased with that one =P And Natsu's team should be able to take down Jackpot no sweat. It bugs me that they apparently can't for no reason -_-' And, uh, Byro? Care to join in? Or comment maybe?...Nope? Just gonnna stand there. Silent. Riiight.

I'm intrigued as to this new girl, Katja, I wanna see more of her in the up and coming eps so we get to find out more about what's going on (she's clearly a big missing piece in all this). And her Nicora is adowable X3 But looks like Plue with a disease O_o

Gildarts perving on Laki. A line has been crossed D8 That's creepy on way too many levels! And I know he's a womaniser, but he wouldn't be a peado, c'mon, he doesn't roll like that...XD Haha

Midnight >_> Dammit. I mean "Brain II" (There was really no better name? Honestly?) Where are you? Whatcha doin? Why? ANSWER ME!--Oh. Episode's over. That's great, now I have to wait a week >.< I hate to be teased


I was really not a fan of it this week =/ It was overly, well, anything. Not a lot of shock/excitement/laughs/tears/etc etc. Though the animation was still superb =P

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