It feels like ages since I've done a review ='( Gomen ne minna...

Episode 140: Reborn Oración Seis Appears!
First thing's first; the Seis look AWESOME 8D
Angel: Awesome appearance
Midnight: Awesome appearance
Cobra: Awesome appearance
Racer: Creepy appearance
Jackpot: Well, he was creepy to begin with
Erigor: O_O Beyond creepy *shudder*

Kinana's story is finally being revealed! X3 YAY! I can't wait until she and *SPOLIER BUT NOT REALLY A SPOILER* Cobra finally meet, it shall be epic =D I rrrrreeeeaaaallllyyyyyy can't wait for the all out Seis battle either <3

Poor Coco's gonna get punished for being good ='( And she was back to the Coco we all know and (most) love and everything =/ Bad times indeed...

Soooo...*Dons Sherlock hat and pipe* A priest came to take the Seis' confessions and he is clearly therefore invovled in their disappearance somehow. The Cardinal refuses to let anyone see the Archbishop. The all-knowing Samuel thinks he, Rapowant(?), can't be trusted.
Who broke the Seis out and is the inside man in this diabolical plan I wonder?...No. Idea. -_-' *facepalm* (I'm going to be proven wrong, aren't I? =P Haha)

I hate being teased >.< Michelle! Who are you????? She's getting super suspicious looking >_> I hope it's revealed soon, the waiting is killing me DX

On a side note: Bob. Natsu is MINE! Hands off very very scary creepy bald transvesite man!!

Overall: 8/10

The music was even better than normal for some reason, I noticed and liked it more =) The animation was good and I liked the fights. Plus the amount of story development is HUGE! Gotta love it! X3 Haha

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