Damn! I thought I could post this before midnight so that it didn't count as being late...*sigh* But it is. Gomen nasai! >.<

Episode 137: That Which Exceeds Calculation

I lurved it, as usual, though I may be on my own there =P Dan's picture story was hilarious despite it being completely useless XD Haha. It paints a 'colourful' picture O_o...Though I found it hard to believe that he was fine after battle and doesn't wanna fight anymore =/
I hope his obsession with Lucy never dies, I laugh everytime X3 Natsu! Get in there and defend her, man! We need the NaLu to blossom!! DX

Samuel can transform too? O_o Huh. Small world...Well, big world once he transforms, but you know what I mean XD I felt like their battle lacked a little 'wow factor', it was a bit boring to be honest =( But, Samuel ("Sammy") is still a funny guy ;)

Lisanna can be a mermaid? Ooookkkaaaayyy...And wait. Now she's aware of us watching her?? CODE BLUE! CODE BLUE! THE FORTH WALL HAS BEEN BROKEN!! D8
It looked like Elfman threw the part away as opposed to it flying from his grasp, which confused me a little, but meh. I'm really looking forward to their fight with Mary X3 It's gonna be aweshum! (I hope)

But of course, more than that, I'm looking forward to (Team)Natsu vs Byro <3 Kick ass Natsu! I know you will *swoon*

Overall: 7/10

Good animation, funny parts to it, but it didn't overly wow me =/ ...Still lurved it though =P

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