I'M FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed you all so much!!!! T^T But summer starts here, so I'll be on the wiki more ;) Now! Time for the review!

Episode 135: Trail of the Myth
The plot is now in full swing, finally! I'm really liking this filler to be honest ^_^ Dan-san is hilarious X3 I think he's my favorite new character...Despite him fighting my Natsu >_>...
I'd hate to admit it; but 'lil Lucy was cuter than 'lil Natsu =P And her and Dan's wedding was sho beautiful, haha XD

The confusion between 'lil Lucy and Huge Happy was so rediculous I laughed X3 And as much as I lurve Natsu, I wish he would learn that his attacks aren't working and he needs to change tactic =/

Lucy handled Coco's meanie side quite well; I was waiting on a full on fight 8D But none came =,( Aww...I prefer it when they're friends though, which is clearly going to happen soon ;)

"I think the sign might be wrong"...What gave it way? -_-' At least they walked the right way I suppose. But when that bush moved aside and this 'jiggly' thing popped up I hung my head. Please no, anything, anyone but them! T_T They give me the creepes *shudder*

I hate it when the episodes are left on a ciff hanger X_X Especially such a hot one (And I don't mean the fire ;P Haha) Can't wait until next week!

Overall: 8.5/10

I was torn between 8 and 9, so there we go. It made me laugh, I enjoyed it and I'm glad the plot's moving; but there were no overly exciting parts...

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