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Episode 131: Legion's Fierceness
Woah!! Gildarts and Byro are gonna fight it out and it's gonna be so epic and-- Eh? That's it?? O.o W-well the animation was good and whatnot I suppose, but I wish they'd shown us more =(
Mary Hughes has got some skillage up in that village D8 Something tells me she was a gymnast in a past life >_>... And I am loving all of the Edolas/Earthland counterpart characters ;3 *Sigh* All except (I think you all know) Sugarboy. Looking like Elvis, thrusting his pelvis and creeping me out with "Spicy" O_o What a pleasant character... The only thing he's done right so far is call Natsu "Hot boy" ;P <3

Jason. There's another character that just won't leave and never come back ¬_¬' I'm not sure which I hate more; "Cooool" or "Spicy" DX...Imma go with Spicy O_o Jason took away from the little awesome there was! DX Curse him!
But then Erza joins the fray and the awesome is back up a notch! X3 Wait, what? She landed one punch and now we have to wait another week?? Great! That's just great!

Oh! And I think we all noticed the whole 'Sugarboy and an FT character have their arms caught, they're equally matched, neither will give in and it's all just back and forth'... thing. I wonder where we've seen that before? -_-'

But, in its defence, there were funny moments ;P Taurus' pervertedness was funny XD Creepy! But funny X3 Michelle is easy knocked out O_O But I'm sure she has a plus side...Something, anything. And I didn't understand why Lucy didn't just snatch the clock hand back when she was free and run like hell XD Haha

Overall: 8/10

I know that this seemed like one long rant, but I did actually enjoy it X3 I was in awe of the animation for some reason; they seem to have worked harder on it for the filler O_o It was a good job; but PLEASE get rid of Suagrboy! DX ~shudder~

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