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Episode 130: Targeted Lucy
Well! The Earthland counterparts are...Interesting O_o W-why is Sugar Boy Elvis? And why does he keep saying spicy? But most importantly, why the creepy phlegm?! DX Eeeewwwww...
Lady Hughes is awesome ^_^ Much better than the Edolas counterpart. Athletic Magic was a good idea for Coco's magic because of her running ;) And Byro beefed up O_O Old guy pumps iron to the max! I just hope that creepy laugh is gone T_T ~Shudder~

There was a lot of "I'm Spartacus!" goin' on there, which I had expected, but I can't believe it worked twice O_o Poor simple minded Coco...

Making Natsu punch himself was mean! DX But even I'll admit it was kinda funny X3 "Quit hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself..."
And now I'm super intrigued as to why they want Lucy >_> But for once the manga can't spoil it for me! Yay! X3 ~Balloons and streamers~ Anybody have any theories? I am super curious!

I hate it when they leave episodes on a cliff hanger *Ba-dum-chss* (S-see what I did there? Haha...ha...ha. Imma go now -_-')

Overall: 8/10

It wasn't overly exciting/sad/funny and there's not a lot really to say about it, but I still liked it ;3

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