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Episode 127: The Terror of Invisible Lucy
It was one funny episode! X,D I was wondering what the hell was going on at the start for ages O_o And that creepy mask was so creepy T_T
T-then those animators...Those DAMN animators! DX NaLu moment! Right there! But nnnnnnnooooooo, they didn't wanna roll like that and wanted to make Natsu look like an idiot instead T_T (No one say he is >_> Not if you value your life...)

But then it was funny again with naked Lucy roaming the streets X,D Although I was concerned about the children and the tickle fest O_o Awkward!
I loved the bar brawl XD Erza took that table to the face like a champ! Then I suppose you could count the accidental gropage as a NaLu moment O_o If you were desperate for moments and were a pervert...(I hate the animators X_X) But that was kinda funny too XP

The best bit was everyone painting her face! Reedus had a bit of a Picasso thing going on there ;P But the best one was the Happy face; it suited her XD

Okay. The animators redeemed themselves with Natsu remembering her and her coming back X3 But they could have at least made them hug -_-' She ran forward and I squeed! Then Levy got in the way ¬_¬...Damn her

Overall: 9/10

Good music, funny, sad and inspirational too and *begrudgingly* well animated >_>

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