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Episode 126: The Truly Evil Jiggle Butt Gang

O_O... I don't even know where to begin...M-my eyes! There are some things in this world you just can't. unsee!! DX I can't believe I just spent 30 minutes of my life staring at huge jiggling asses O_o And I never thought I'd say that...

Poor Natsu getting sick again =( Poor Wendy thinking she's a bad wizard =,( But most of all; Poor Happy, Lucy and Carla for getting FARTED on! Ew! DX Although I must say, how they charged their power was hilarious X,D But they are officially the creepiest guys I've ever seen O_O The leader's pimp 'stache and huge eyebrows were bad enough without that extremely tight suit ~shudder~ X_X And why are their pockets in the FRONT?! Anywhere but the front! DX

It's safe to say that they are indeed truly evil >_>...He sat on Natsu's head with his huge wiggling ass!! DX NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!.....Unforgivable! DX

Overall: 9/10

As creepy as it was I couldn't stop laughing X,D And I may be scarred for life but it was enjoyable nonetheless ;P Plus, Wendy did look cute X3

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