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Episode 125: Magic Dance Ball
First things first; new opening and ending guys!! X3 Woo!! How did we find them? The opening song seemed somehow strange to me, but I'm sure I'll get used to it ;P And I LOVED the ending! Chibi Lucy is so adorable, but it also flowed well and was well animated ^_^

Now. The episode. It was so funny!! X,D I actually laughed aloud at parts. Erza and Lisanna are fantastic dancers, I must say XP And Wendy was sho adowable!

The guy that danced with Erza first...Wow O_O I don't know what Mashima was on when he created the appearance of that one! (Unless he was filler; though it still makes him equally creepy >_>)
Not to mention the girls that forced Natsu and Gray to dance! XD That was quick thinking with the Ice Floor; if only it could be used in real life X,D

And, uh, Velveno was an...Interesting character? O_o Talk about a 70s reject right there! XD I'd hate to imagine what his and Aceto's babies would look like ~shudder~
Although the same could be said about her dad! What a strange (short), sour (very short), hair-comb-over (SO SHORT!) creature he is O_o

Overall: 8/10

The animation fell a little bit here and there, but it was still an awesome ep ^_^ Any episode that makes me literally LOL is a good one ;P But the score was lowered due to a STUNNING lack of NaLu moments!! T_T Whyyyy?! All I wanted was some fake moments! You coulda had a bunch! When they first danced, during the ball, and the end. My GOD the end! Why did they make him say he was friggin' bloated?! And WHY didn't we get to see them dance?!! *Breathe* S'okay. I'm calm -_-'

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