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Episode 124: The Empty Seven Years
Well, I'm glad that the animators have stepped up back to their original standards ;P I really liked this episode and for a change they managed to fill the time well with little topic/plot...

First off; POOR LUCY!! D,X That was so sad! And at least Jude became nice in the end ^_^ I was this close: | | <-- Yeah. That close; to crying T_T So sad....

But on a lighter note there was great humour too ;D
Now it's Wendy's turn: POOR WENDY!! D,X Lol. I doubt guys would sympathise (rhyming FTW X3), but I bet the girls out there do XD At least the picture keeps someone happy...

Sherry's new clothes were... interesting O_o And Jura's beard was awesome ^_^ It's strange to see how people have changed after the gap.


There could have been a NaLu moment. He could have hugged her when she was sad. But noooooo, Mashima didn't wanna roll like that >_> (Grr) But! The animation was splendid as ever, it envoked super sadness and balanced humour well; I liked it X3

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