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Episode 122: Let's Join Hands

It's heeeeerrrrreeeee!!!! And it's freaking EPIC! 8D Not to mention pret-tay huge O_O Acnologia FTW!

Oh Juvia; you so funny X3 You'd think Gray would realise that the chair was squishy O_o And Evergreen taking a rage fit was equally as funny XD

Why do they have to play sad music when peoples be crying? T_T It was so sad.... And then even SADDER when they all came back and the battle music was playing! Happy sad; but still sad X,3
I absolutely LOVED the sequence when everybody used their magics at once. I thought it was well done ;P
Then all of them joining hands to stop it was so beautiful! X,<

So, Overall: 9/10

I thought it was awesome in all aspects; the music, the animation and the portrayal of the story. Kudos to the animators ;P

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