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Episode 121: The Right to Love

Sorry that this is so late =( But I slept in then life got in the way...Which also meant that I couldn't fully appreciate the happy/sad combo of Gildarts' and Cana's reunion without interruption D,X
But it was indeed a happy/sad combo!! X,< Gildarts cwied!! It was so adorable! Although the comic relief of him listing his many encounters was hilarious XP I'm glad the two are back together ;P

Ultear looks incredibly weird without her makeup O_o Nicer, but weird ^_^ She looks so much more like Ur there.....Wait. She STABBED HERSELF?! D8 Where did THAT come from?! And she apparently seemed to recover quite well from it >_> And where did they get those change of clothes? O_o So many questions....XP Lol

Note to self: Do. not. piss off. Zeref O_O That is one badass bunny XP I'm so excited! Acnologia's on its way! X3 And i like how Lucy listed the date; that was some nice forshadowing there ;P

Overall: 7/10

Not a lot happened this week =S They managed to fill half an hour with somewhat trivial stuff; most likely to be able to leave it on an Acnologia cliffhanger...But Gildarts and Cana were so cute X3

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