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Episode 120: Daybreak at Tenrou Island

.......I LOVED IT!!!! XD I was practically hyperventilating with excitement *_* (Jk)
I loved everything this week; the way it was animated, the use of music and the balance of humour and serious story plot.

Laxus jumping in to punch Hades in the face was pretty awesome X3 (And in my case, very unexpected; which made it better!) And of course, there was the weekly Natsu Fangirl Squee on my part!! XD Lolness. Lucy got to hold his scarf T_T I'm so jealous...
Carla and Happy had an epic shot in front of Hades' heart; I think that's one of the first times they've looked badass ;P

Then after all of the action came the funnies! ^_^ Juvia and Gray's skit was SO HILARIOUS! X,D Gray: "I'm not into that kind of thing" Juvia: "Well I am!" XP Lmao.Laxus looked really cute sitting on the ground in front of Makarov -^_^- Like a guilty child

Then what did they do? Ended it on a cliff hanger! D,X Darn you animators!!...Acnologia is a-comin' O_O Excitement! XP


I really did love it this week ^_^ For all of the opening reasons and for the fact that it managed to make me feel excited, then sad, then laugh my head off, then super excited again X3 That takes skill...I didn't want it to end!

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