Hey there party people and welcome to another Otabear's Anime Review!! X3

Episode 117: Thunder Crashes

Holy s**t! Fangirl EXPLOSION!! XD That episode rocked! Except for the part where Natsu was getting beaten up T_T That was a bad part... Lol

Juvia chasing Meredy was hilarious! XD And Zancrow seemed to have recovered well from his ass whoopin' ¬_¬ But then got killed by Zeref! Awesome! ^_^
Oooo.. Zeref said the "A" word O_O It's all goin' down soon!..

I thought it would have been an episode that would end with them about to fight Hades, but they surprised me and showed a lot of it O_o As much as I hate Hades he is quite awesome, and sports a fantastic beard XP

I'm willing to bet that certain people are going to talk a lot about the naked Wendy thing -_-' So I'll leave that one to the comments...

And finally; Laxus is back! Hurray! -^_^- And his entrance was pretty awesome, although I'm sure it could have been epic-er

Overall: 9/10

There may be some disagreements about that, but I thought it was awesome and I'm in a generous mood XP Lily was so cute!! X3 And the fighting was epic and pretty well animated, but Laxus' entrance could've been more "Whoa!"

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