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Otabear's Anime Review: Ep 116

Hey there party people and welcome to another Otabear's Anime Review! X3

Episode 116: The Power That Becomes Life

Fangirl SQUEE!! XD Whoa, that was an awesome episode ^_^ But why did they have to give Ultear a sad backstory? Now I have to feel sorry for her and start to like her ¬_¬

Gray froze his blood and beat the crap out of Ultear; what part of that sentence isn't dripping with awesome? XP Although for a fight wherein he froze his blood, there was a stunning lack of blood... Censorship strikes again! DX

And Ultear's backstory of pretty much child torture was quite dark for Fairy Tail O_o It was awesome! (Why did they use Brain of all people?...) Her little "mom" was so cute X3 Even I have to admit so. And her clothes were strategically ripped in battle >_>; well done again Censorship *salute*

I noticed that the animators didn't use as much music as they usually do, which just made it all sadder and creepier O_O

And last but certainly not least; the forshadowing of a certain Lightning Dragon (Woo!!) You can feel it all coming to the epic climax now, it's so exciting! X3

Overall: 8/10

It was dark and really sad at the same time D,X Gray was epic, but there could've been more blood. And I literally sat with my mouth open in shock and awe; so it was a super effective and emotive episode ^_^ I can't wait for next week!! X3

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