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Episode 118: The Man Without the Mark

Well! What better way to start off an episode than with Laxus beating the crap out of Master Hades? Exactly. There isn't one.
It was strange to hear Laxus' voice again, but there was a sense of nostalgia with him finally back ^_^

And the defeated enemies are back, oooooo..... But poor Creepy Kain got pwned once again =,( Gotta feel sorry for the Stay Pufft man XD
I'm looking forward to Bickslow and Freed frying that damn chicken and.. Dog thing? What is he? O_o Bicks and Freed will handle them no problem! >XD

Then came the downside of the episode ¬_¬' A random skit of the 'left-behind' guild members. I don't wanna hear how Romeo wants to be S-class; I wanna see some fighting! DX I know it's foreshadowing, but still!...

But it's okay, because they made up for it with the most epic part of the episode:
Lightning + Fire = Massive Fangirl Squee of Awesome!!! X3 Woot!!

So! I'd give it
Overall : 7.5/10

I wasn't really as pumped this week =S They could've made Laxus' fight so much more epic (he does deserve it after all) And the whole "Meanwhile, in the Guild.." thing was obviously to fill up some time; for shame animators... But the Lightning-Flame Dragon has emerged, so all's swell -^_^-

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