Hi people! And welcome to the very first Otabear's Anime Review! X3

I've noticed that there is, without fail, at least one Manga review blog every chapter, but no reviews for the anime =( And if you don't read the manga (like me O_o) then you don't get to add your opinions on review blogs. So, this blog has been set up for all you anime watchers out there ;P
Alright, intro over; let's get down to business ^_^

Episode 115: Frozen Spirit

I thought that this week's episode was... Alright =S It was always going to be a little anticlimactic after that EPIC Erza vs Azuma episode XD This was more of a story progression ep, but it did have its upsides none-the-less ;D
Everyone has their magic back (yay!) and all of the 7 Kin of Purgatory have been defeated; all except for one

Ultear: Hey Gray, would you mind killing yourself with Iced Shell?
Gray: 'Kay

O_o... Excuse me? What? It's really THAT easy Gray?! DX Nnoooo!!
I got really worried when Ultear seemed to change alligences - it's hard to hate someone on FT's side XD I had believed her story, but true to form, she was lying and the real super-psycho her came through at last >XD It was a little creepy ¬_¬'... Then she casually decides to kill Juvia (how nice O_O). But have no fear, Gray is here! Da-da-da-daa! I had actually thought for a split second that he had believed Ultear and that everyone was now completely screwed DX Then he punches her in the face ^_^ Yay! Their battle has begun... X3

So! It was more an episode of twists, turns, lies and confusion rather than full on fighting and excitement; but I'm really excited for next week to see how the battle between Ultear and Gray will pan out ^_^

Overall: 6/10
Because 114 was a hard one to follow, but the animators did quite well. They revealed both the truths and the secrets cleverly, and Gray took his top off (Jk XP)

What do you think? ;P

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