Hi! I'm a day old newbie here so I decided to post a blog to get my wiki life started XP Lol

We all know that Erza won the Miss Fairy Tail Contest - and well deserved too, she's awesome X3 - but now I want to know who you would rate as the top 3 Mister Fairy Tail Contest winners!!
This might have been done before O_o But even so, I wanna see your opinions  ;D Rules: They obviously have to be guys ¬_¬' And they have to be members of the FT Guild (it can include past members) My top 3 are:

  • Natsu - my favourite character ^_^ So he's obviously my winner <3
  • Gray - he's shirtless most of the time already anyway, what male model isn't? XD
  • Mystogan - I think it's the blue hair O_o Very appealing XP

Oh and guys? You can vote too =P Lol. Lemme hear your opinions! ^_^

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